CORSET was first conceived and launched in 2011 after its founder, Arielle Loren, saw a wide gap in the media landscape for educational, sensual, and personal conversations about sex that happen to be women-friendly. Focusing on visually stimulating, intellectual, and relatable content, The Magazine debuted as a quarterly publication to eager fans ready for something more empowering to apply to their sex lives. CORSET has quickly risen to become more than just a media platform for empowering, comfortable, and inspiring dialogue about sex. It’s become a space for ordinary people to contribute and discuss their desires, questions, and curiosities on their roads to sexual empowerment. It’s the place where women have their inner sexual thoughts heard, where men can be tender and express their sexual hang-ups, where LGBT readers can experience affirmation, where sex workers and human trafficking activists can strategize for dual-sided legislative protections, where people, in general, can speak and feel respected. CORSET is the people’s desire for dialogue, manifested. It’s a seed in a growing movement and much needed mainstream shift in sexual consciousness.

Our Founder

Arielle Loren is a sexuality thought leader, writer, and filmmaker, who has dedicated her career to empowering dialogue about sex. Her work has been featured and praised by The Huffington Post, NPR, ESSENCE, Jezebel, NBC News (The Grio), BET, EBONY, The Root, and Clutch Magazine. In 2012, she sat as one of three panelists on the “Erotica Out In The Open” panel for BlogHer, the largest conference in the world for women in social media, and the Women’s Media Center honored her in 2011 for empowering women online. Loren is one of the select contributors to be featured in the first-ever anthology about E. L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey called 50 Writers on 50 Shades of Grey. She also directed and produced a media-acclaimed documentary, Bideology, about women dating bisexual men ( A graduate of New York University & Georgetown University, she also works as a business and media strategist to small businesses and large organizations, while teaching online ( She’s the founder of CORSET and serves as the company’s CEO and magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, leading CORSET’s international community of readers on their journeys to sexual empowerment. 


CORSET launched in 2011 as a downloadable magazine to a few hundred people primarily based in the United States. It has grown by the thousands and expanded its readership as a global force, creating a powerful case study that sexual empowerment as human empowerment resonates with ordinary people. Under Arielle Loren’s leadership, CORSET went profitable four months after the premiere of the first issue, and continues to expand into new territories with the talent of her team. Corset Enterprises, LLC is prepared to guide select brands in building creative, intimate, and empowering relationships with their consumers, using the same talent that has positioned CORSET as a budding phenomenon. Our team’s expertise covers sales, marketing, branding, digital strategy, copywriting, editing, and visual design. Email for a preliminary one-on-one consultation.

Corporate Team

Arielle Loren

Leesa Fenderson

Tia Mosley
Marketing and PR Manager

Renee Jones, Beautiful Purpose Events
Tour Manager

Editorial Team

Arielle Loren

Donnie Ramsey
Creative Director

Thesanica Marcos
Senior Writer

Mike Marino

Tanaya Thomas
Editorial Assistant